Risk Management

Bars to Form Stoploss - adjusts the number of bars necessary to form a stop loss adjustment. This is only adjustable if custom trend optimization is selected. If Bitcoin or Altcoin optimization is selected TrendShift will adjust this accordingly.

Risk Type: % Risk - Calculates 'risk' as total percent of 'initial capital' risked per trade.

% Account Risk Per Trade - Percent of account that is risked per trade.\ EX: If current account value is $10000 and '% Account Risk Per Trade' is set to 1%, TrendShift will calculate position size so that $100 (1% of $1000) is risked for each trade. In this case, if a stop loss is hit there will be a loss of $100. Leverage(Pro only) - Calculates 'risk' as total percent of account entered in to a trade.

Leverage Multiplier(Pro only) - Leverage multiplier for account total. EX: 100 = 1x leverage, 200 = 2x leverage, 500 = 5x leverage

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